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Seriously Good Pies!

Created with uncompromising care, using the best local, all-natural ingredients, Hanna’s Meat Pies are a savoury, flavourful, and filling take-out experience. Hand-made, fresh, and preservative-free – these are seriously good pies!

About Hanna’s Meat Pies.

Inspired by the incredibly popular Australian pub staple, Sydenham-based Hanna’s Meat Pies is focused on creating exceptionally well-crafted meat pies that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites and the most discriminating of palates. Unlike anything else you can get from a standard take-out menu, our meat pie recipes feature only the best local dry-aged beef, free-range chickens and the most impeccable quality of locally-sourced vegetables.

What separates Hanna’s Meat Pies from others is how the shell is built on the foundation of fresh ingredients, including real butter. On top, to add both flair and texture, the ‘lid’ is made from a flaky puff pastry that rises for a surprisingly light touch to what is a very filling and satisfying meal. We are serious about our ingredients, our recipes and making sure you enjoy every morsel of our meat pies.

Braised Beef and Potato

Dry-aged beef from an esteemed and experienced local butcher is slow braised in a breathtakingly delightful home-made stock that is focused on a red wine and tomato paste, reminiscent of a gourmet beef bourguignon, and makes for a memorable and taste-enhancing gravy. The addition of carrots, celery, onions and a dash of garlic make for a true, hearty traditional meat pie that will win over even the most fickle of palates.

Chicken Pie

The best, most tender, juicy and flavour-filled braised free-range chicken is enveloped in a perfectly matched white wine sauce which is indicative of the best restaurant calibre coq-au-vin. It’s a savoury meal fit for the most sophisticated of tastes.

Mediterranean-Style Vegetable Pie

For those who prefer a meat-free option but still a hot, hearty and filling meal, our tried and true mix of the choicest roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, along with heaping portions of fresh potatoes, carrots, corn, onion and garlic is the pie for you. Chunks of locally-sourced artisanal feta cheese and a mouth-watering cream sauce make this pie perfect for vegetarians or those looking for a lighter option.

Place Your Order

Now that you know more about Hanna’s Meat Pies and our four savoury selections, we invite you to place your order through this convenient online form. If you’re looking for a break from preparing dinner, in a pinch for some delicious ideas for a family or business gathering – especially ones where folks have healthy and hearty appetites – fill out the form and prepare for a taste experience that will make you a serious fan of our seriously good meat pies.

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Braised Beef and PotatoChickenMediterranean-Style Veg

Hanna’s Meat Pies are absolutely fabulous!! Each bite is full of taste and flavour. An unbelievable meal experience.

Mike Cupido


Justin! What can I say your pies are awesome we were so impressed! Way to go with an outstanding product.

Kimberly Palmer

Mess Manager, Vimy Officers Mess.

Seriously good pies doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing these are. I have honestly never had a better tasting meat pie.

Kerry & Bill Arthur


The most impressive thing about Justin Hanna is his passion for creating the perfect pie. His pies support his personal philosophy: to only use locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create the best possible fillings. Then the magic happens, Justin top’s the filling with his hand made, mouth watering puff pastry crust to seal in the flavour. They really are seriously good pies!

Steven & Tracy


About Justin Hanna

A native of the Sydenham area, Justin Hanna always had an affinity and passion for food and for cooking. His flair for the creating unique and inspired works of culinary magic spurred him to study in the Culinary Management program and Toronto’s Humber College. Realizing there was nowhere in the Kingston area that made or serviced the style of meat pies favoured by millions of Australian pub goers, he dove into developing his own home-made, high quality and eminently tasty pies. These seriously good meat pies became the foundation for Hanna’s Meat Pies, and a new culinary star was born.

Quality Guaranteed

We’re serious about making the best meat pies you’ve ever tasted. That means we’re serious about ensuring your experience with Hanna’s Meat Pies, whether it’s the online ordering process, customer service, availability of certain pies or anything to do with the taste and quality of our products, is a great experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, issues, or even ideas for new recipes or enhancing our current selections. We love to hear from our customers … seriously!


We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to your call or email. Feel free to use the email address and phone number below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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